Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers

Perfect solution for weddings, parties private events, movie sets & more!

Host a memorable event anywhere you want with our ultra-luxury portable restrooms. Luxury Location Services is a family-owned and operated Luxury Restroom Trailer company serving Burbank and Southern California!

Our units are entirely self-contained, with onboard water and electricity, and are climate-controlled for use in all weather conditions. Our luxurious portable restrooms provide great convenience for your guests, clients and family members, ensuring that your next event is a success.

At Luxury Location Services, you can hire the best luxury portable restrooms for exclusive parties, important events or any public gathering. 

We work hard and meticulously to keep our fleet of luxury portable restrooms as clean as possible!

We Deliver at your Location

As the market leader, we outperform our rivals in terms of cost, quality and service for our restroom trailers.

We can deploy our luxury trailers to a variety of places around Burbank and Southern California including parks, restaurants, offices, retail complexes, private estates and much more.

Whether you are organizing a wedding or a business party, a drive-in movie or an outdoor music festival, Luxury Location Services will be there to deliver the highest standard of luxury you have always desired.

We Want Every Aspect of Your Event To Be Luxurious!

A trip to the restroom is an expected part of any guest’s experience. Why not treat your friends, family and guests to something luxurious and unique on the inside? A restroom that makes people feel at ease! Our elegant portable restrooms are just what you need to make your next event a success.

We have the crew and portable restrooms to meet your demands regardless of the size of your property or event.

You can book a luxury restroom trailer quickly and easily by calling our agent or submitting an online inquiry, which will be answered within 24 hours. 

Why Choose our Luxury Portable Restrooms?

Safe for All

The modern and pristine exterior of our portable restrooms includes LED lighting, secure railing and non-slip steps to guarantee the safety of all users.

Exquisite Design 

The spacious interiors of our luxury portable restrooms feature modern and 5 star finishes that are sure to surprise your guests at any special event.

The Ideal Solution

To meet all of your portable restroom requirements, we provide separate female and male units with flushable toilets, urinals and running water.

Clean & Hygienic

We ensure that our luxury portable restrooms are properly cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis, so you won’t have to worry about catching any germs or diseases. 


 Find out yourself why we are the top choice for luxury portable restrooms in Southern California!

Luxury 2 Station Trailer
Luxury 4 Station Trailer
Table set up for wedding reception with people out of focus in background.
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portable bathroom event

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When you collaborate with Luxury Location Services, you can be certain that we will manage all of the details so that you don’t have to. Our punctuality guarantees that there is enough time for set-up and ensuring everything is in order.

Call us to inquire about the best solutions to get an excellent experience at your event. Make an impression on your guests by booking with the top luxury portable restroom service in Southern California.

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We stand united as we make adjustments regarding Covid-19. We remain committed to providing the same Excellence and Sanitary Quality you expect from our inventory.

The health and well being of Our Clients and Staff is top priority for us. As always we have been ahead of the curb in Disinfecting and Sanitizing!