Experience the Comfort of Our Luxury Portable Restrooms in Burbank, CA.

We will make your event a special one

Luxury Location Services was founded on the principle of offering luxury portable restrooms at the most affordable price.

We are a family-owned and operated company that opened its doors to Burbank residents and businesses in 2017. Since then, we have been renting the most innovative and luxurious portable restroom trailers to meet our clients’ expectations and needs. 

Our courteous, experienced and compassionate crew can happily handle all types of VIP events including large outdoor weddings, concerts, film sets, community gatherings and many more.

Our Story

It all started when once while attending a friend’s wedding, we had to go through a lot of trouble finding a restroom on the premises. There was one there, but was very dirty and had no water or other facilities.

Traditionally your only option was an old-fashioned hideous-looking porta-potty which was not at all suitable for special VIP events. After a small survey, we found a huge demand and need for luxury portable restrooms in our area.

This led us to the idea of providing the residents of Southern California with a portable restroom that is luxurious, portable and could cater to all types of special events.

And so, after many days and nights of hard work, Luxury Location Services came to life. 

With our 5-star luxury portable restrooms, you and your guests won’t have to sacrifice quality restrooms during your special event. We bring the perfect and the most extravagant portable restroom to you with all of the high-end luxury features of a home.